Eddie Hill Joins Project Management Team
Eddie Hill

As we continue to grow, we are proud to welcome Eddie Hill to our Project Management group. He will serve as Project Manager for Johnson’s growing team, and will be based in the firm’s Birmingham headquarters.

In this role, he will further deepen Johnson’s resources to meet the continued growth of client demand by assuming responsibilities for several existing projects. Hill will also be instrumental in implementing a dynamic, continuous-improvement perspective, focusing on providing best-in-class client experience while also pioneering improvements to the Project Management service line’s delivery process.

“We’re excited to have Eddie’s vast healthcare project management experience at the table, which helps us better navigate multiple complicated and nuanced projects,” said Gary Wilkinson, Johnson’s Senior Vice President of Project Management. “His attention to detail and sharp eyes help us continue to serve our clients at the highest standards.”

Johnson’s Project Management services gained momentum in 2020, taking on work across the country, as well as internationally. Johnson quickly saw the need to further develop the service and expand its staff to accommodate the workload.

Hill previously worked for ADAMS Management Services Corporation, where he was the Associate Project Manager for Healthcare and Transitional Planning. In that role, he oversaw programming services for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Morgan Memorial Hospital in Madison, Georgia; and Halifax Health’s new hospital in Deltona, Florida. That background gives him unique insight into bridging the communication between the job site and the board room.

“Clients expect perfection, and so do I,” said Hill. “Details are imperative, especially for new programs in their infancy. While every project is unique, we want to truly understand what makes them unique, and to try to find patterns, similarities, and differences to other projects.”

Transition planning is a highly complex process with a multitude of simultaneously moving parts. It takes an organized, detailed leader to manage the communication between and coordination of staff, patients, and equipment while ensuring care remains uninterrupted.

As a graduate of UAB’s dual MBA/MSHA program, Hill had the chance to work alongside healthcare C-suite executives in an administrative residency, where he got a first-hand look into the operations, systems, logistics, and high-level strategy behind projects. He loved that experience and wanted to get back into it somehow.

“That’s part of the appeal of Johnson—it’s never the same; it’s always changing. It’s a dynamic atmosphere, and there’s something new to learn every day. You’re meeting different people every day, and you’re around so many perspectives on the same project,” said Hill. “I always try to parse meaning and knowledge from every conversation I have with someone, whether it’s the weather for the day, to a project’s cash flow or what needs to happen in order to replace operating rooms and labs.”