Johnson Named Among Top Developers Nationwide

Johnson was recently recognized by Modern Healthcare’s Construction and Design Survey as the sixth largest healthcare developer nationwide.

The survey recognizes architectural, construction, and development firms based on both dollar volume and square footage of healthcare projects delivered annually. Johnson has consistently been recognized in the ranking over the past twenty years.

“To be recognized by Modern Healthcare, especially after a trying year for everyone in the field, is a testament to the resilience, hard work, and dedication of our talented team, as well as the trust our clients place in us to look out for their best interest,” said Jim Johnson, Founder and Chairman.

As businesses transitioned to remote work during the beginning stages of COVID. Johnson was challenged to expand their ways of connecting with clients, while also ensuring projects were maintained, kept on track, and successfully delivered—all while maintaining their same high standards for their clients.

“One of the biggest challenges we faced was the limited interaction and slowed correspondence,” said Steve Wheeler, Senior Vice President of Development. “It wasn’t the same as having that face-to-face interaction and connection with our clients. Thankfully, we had the technology to make it work.”

Despite the turbulence of 2020, the firm has been able to continue with its projects without missing key deadlines, while also completing existing projects on-time and within budget.

“Through great efforts by our project teams, and city administrative offices, we were able to keep project development moving, and were able to adjust out timeframes to include more time for conversations, additional reviews, and construction,” added Michael Barksdale, Vice President of Project Management.

Thriving in the new landscape required grit, determination, innovation, perseverance, and optimization in the face of continuous change—as well as a nimbleness that paved the way for new digital systems, updated processes, and an increased focus on flexibility.

“Our team successfully transitioned to a new digital invoice and accounts payable system, all remotely, in about eight weeks,” said Joshua Earnest, Vice President of Asset Management. “It really took a lot of coordination and effort on everyone’s part to work through the implementation and smoothing out the rough edges—our team did a phenomenal job, especially considering the situation.”

Adapting to the unexpected has given the firm a variety of new tools to better meet clients’ needs in a variety of future projects.

“Our internal support has been tremendous, and is a large part of what helped us soldier through 2020,” said Sharon Ensor, Property Manager. “Our maintenance technicians and vendors went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of, and we are ready to continue supporting our clients however we can.”

Since its founding in 1994, Johnson has developed over $1.5 billion in projects across 41 states. Currently, Johnson is engaged in developing facilities in Texas, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Georgia, and Missouri.

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